About us

kinderkiez is a start-up from Berlin.

It all started with the question why they didn’t make a play mat with our house on it. Months later we’ve arrived at the kinderkiez creator, that doesn’t just put our house on a playmate, but also our preschool, the favourite ice cream parlor and the dog down the road that always barks at everyone walking past.

And because a two year old was involved you can also add the garbage truck, half a zoo, the entire fire department, a pirate ship and much, much more.


kinderkiez is alive.

Every kinderkiez is unique. That’s due to the imagination of the creator, actual, realtime geodata and our active community. On our Facebook page we invite everyone to give input. What’s missing? What’s in the way? What should we add next?

Because only a local know what makes their neighborhood unique.


kinderkiez is open.

We want kids to discover their environment – everywhere. That’s why we are not just open to creating custom solutions for preschools, educators, libraries but also pediatricions, kid cafes and much more.

Get in touch at together@kinderkiez.net