Bring the neighborhood into the nursery.

Turn digital maps into actual play mats starting at 99€.

Try it now.

How it works:

Choose a size

kinderkiez play mats come in three different sizes, starting at € 99. 

Find your kiez

Simply enter an address, locate your neighborhood and select the right section.

Adjust & Personalize

Now you are free to customize: move objects, change their sizes or delete them entirely -or add new ones from our library. 

Play & Discover

A few weeks later your kinderkiez will arrive. Just unroll and play, learn and discover.

Welcome to your kiez

kiez is a Berlin colloquialism referring to one’s immediate neighborhood. Hence, kinderkiez is about your neck of the woods from a kid’s perspective. It’s an online tool that allows you to create a physical play mat based on your actual surroundings. In order to achieve this we combine real geodata with the unique and amazing illustrations of children’s book author Laura Bednarski.

Play, learn & discover

kinderkiez is not just great for playing, it’s also great for learning: Discover the way to school or to Grandma’s, reinact the traffic jam down the road or drive your matchbox cars to your favorite playground.

By providing child-friendly representation of the actual neighborhood kinderkiez encourages the development of geo-spatial awareness and offers a foundation for geographical understanding.


kinderkiez play mats are made in Germany. The material offers the perfect mix for our purposes. It allows a high quality printing process ensuring that all details are visible. It’s hard enough for driving cars and soft enough for resting knees. It has durable, premium surface and a slip-proof latex back.  It’s washable at 30°C – so a pair of dirty shoes won’t mean the end of the kiez.

Make your own kinderkiez in just a few easy steps.