Age recommendation

kinderkiez is for kids 2 and up. The first year of play usually centers around the roads and traffic. At around 3 years the children start connecting their physical surroundings with the depictions on the kinderkiez. The more the play mat recreates the world of child, the faster and stronger the link. As the children grow up so do their interactions with kinderkiez. A 3 year old might send his teddy grocery shopping while a 6 year old recreates a high-speed pursuit down main street.


You can pay fast, secure and easy with PayPal. More payment options are planned for the future. 


Shipping is handled by DPD and is free within Germany. Allow 7-10 work days for production and shipping within Germany.


See ‘about us’. Get in touch at together@kinderkiez.net

Always imporving

We are always looking to improve our product. That’s why we need you. Are there things missing? Is there a highway where there should be a dirt path? Is the kinderkiez creator easy enough to follow? Please join us on our Facebook page and let us know if there is something we can improve on.

Special requests

Need a bigger size or a custom format? Want us to add a custom object? We can do that. Get in touch at felix@kinderkiez.net

Help & support

Dispite all our attempts there might still be a few issues here and there.
If you run into any, our Facebook page is the place to go. Just write us a message and we’ll get back to you asap.


Are you missing something to truly recreate your kiez? Write us on our Facebook page and let us know. If enough people are yearning for a purple unicorn, we’ll make it happen.